Having been a mortgage broker in the past, Cura Property’s Director Ramon Cura certainly understands the amount of work and effort it takes to work with a client to obtain a mortgage and purchase a property. It’s with Ramon’s insight into this area of expertise that we know your payday isn’t going to occur until atleast three months after a client buys a property.

If we break down the process, from the moment you meet with a client, to the initial consultation regarding their home or investment property needs, it usually takes atleast two weeks minimum to get all of the documentation together. After that, putting the application together can happen quickly. For this entire first phase, we are already looking at up to 1 month alone.

After the first month of going through initial consultations and the pre or conditional approval process, it can take a minimum of three months upwards towards 6 – 12 months for the buyer to find a property and acquire it.

Now let’s assume that you’ve already worked with a client for 6-12 months before they find and purchase a property. There is now a settlement period of at least six weeks to factor in. Your commission is paid in the following month after that settlement – so we’re talking potentially a minimum of 6-12 months (or more) from the day you speak with a client about getting a mortgage to the day you’re actually paid for your services!

Imagine you could cut that time in half? For you AND your client! Now this is where the value of working with a Buyer’s Agent comes into play! Cura Property can reduce the time it takes to find and buy a property by at least 50%.

If we’re talking an average of six months to typically find and buy a property, we will take three months off that process, therefore reducing the time it takes you to get paid the commission payment.

There is definitely a WIN/WIN opportunity to combine the services of a Mortgage Broker and Buyer’s Agent. Get a quicker and more efficient result for a client, not-to-mention help remove the work they don’t need to do, allowing them to focus on the two most important parts of their search – finding a property that they would like to buy and helping them understand what they need to pay to get that property.

We provide the confidence to know what to pay in order to buy a property and we can do that by conducting extensive market research, negotiating effectively with the selling agent, and removing any kind of noise around the marketing campaign.

If you would like to know more or would like to understand how we can work together, check out our social channels or visit www.curaproperty.com.au