At Cura Property, once we have helped a client purchase a property, the relationship often does not end there.

In the situation where a client who we helped to buy a property for, then decides they would like to sell the same or different property in their portfolio for whatever reason – be it to upgrade or cash out on an investment property, they’ll then re-engage Cura Property to act on their behalf as sellers. This is a service we provide that is called Vendor Advocacy.

When it comes to finding and negotiating terms with a sellers agent, and once this agent is selected, we become the conduit between the buyer who has now become the seller, and the selling agent to ensure that the selling agent is 1. able to do their job in the best way they can and 2. to ensure there is accountability between the selling agent and the buyer.

The value that Cura Property delivers with this service is that we understand what the needs of buyers are, and therefore we can empathise with the needs of the buyer and use that knowledge and skill to work with a selling agent to ensure and enable them to do what they do best on behalf of our clients.

Working on the seller’s behalf, we can answer any questions and quickly work with the selling agent to answer any due diligence questions and guide the agent and seller to make quick and effective decisions throughout the negotiation process.

This is an emerging and growing service that we are increasingly requested to provide at Cura Property. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and Vendor Advocacy allows us to keep delivering value to our clients in the long term.

If you are interested in hearing more about Vendor Advocacy, get in touch with Cura Property.