Buyer's Agent Myths

We’re here to bust the myth: that a buyer’s agent is solely for expensive property searches and purchases. 

At Cura Property, we work with all types of buyers. When we first meet the buyer, we learn about their needs and goals and decide whether or not they can benefit from working with us. We want to be able to make a significant enough difference to their buying process. If we can, we’ll understand the budget that they’re working with and the assignment on our end to determine an appropriate fee.

Working with many first time buyers at Cura Property, we’ve found that most benefit from us recalibrating their search and adjust their criteria so they can find the best options for their budget.

We aim to keep these services affordable and realistic for these first time buyers. If you’re looking to buy a property – no matter your budget – we want to be accessible to you. For clients willing to take our advice and put their trust in us, we’re more than happy to do the same for them. 

If you have any questions about the property market or need specific advice on your search, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email us at to start working with us today.