1How do I get started?
You can either email Ramon on ramon@curaproperty.com.au or call +61 411 685 000.
2What areas of Sydney do you work in?
We are based in the Sydney CBD and specialise in buying homes in the following areas:

· The Eastern Suburbs

· Inner-West

· Inner East

· Lower North Shore

· Northern Beaches

3I am looking to invest in property outside Sydney. Can you help with this?
As well as Sydney, we assist our property investors with property across Australia, especially:

· Brisbane and South-East Queensland

· Melbourne
4What financial information do I need to provide to you?
Ideally, you will have obtained preliminary finance approval through your Mortgage Broker or your bank. Finance approval is a critical step in buying property and we will work with your Mortgage Broker/Lender to make sure the property we find meets the conditions of your loan approval
5How long does the process take?
The time it takes to find your property will depend on a number of factors, including:

· You budget

· Your criteria

· The availability of properties that suit your criteria in the market

The most important thing is that we find a property that meets your criteria at the best price.
6I don’t have a lot of money – can I afford to use a buyer’s agent?
We understand what buying property can cost. We have also seen what it can cost to buy the wrong property, or pay too much for a property. It is definitely worth talking with us first.
Together we will workout the best way for us to help you – whether you engage our services or not, at the very least, we will point you in the right direction
7I just need help with negotiating/bidding at auction. Do you provide this service?
Yes. We many of our clients choose to find the property them selves but bring us on board to negotiate or attend auction, once the property has been found.
8Do you guarantee you will find me a property?
What we can say is that we will be honest, realistic and do our best to find a property that meets your criteria. We don’t make promises we cannot deliver and we will always give you the best advice based on our research and our experience.
9Why would I use a Buyers’ Agent when I could do it myself?
Many of our clients come to us frustrated and tired having tried to find, negotiate and buy a property themselves - without success.
You can do any piece of work yourself – you can build a house, represent yourself in court or sell your own property. The question is whether you can achieve the same or better outcome than a qualified builder, lawyer or real estate agent.
Or you can get the help of a professional. Just like Buyers Agent is an industry professional who knows how the system works, builds relationships with the key people involved and has the skills needed to get a successful result.
10What is the difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Selling Agent?
A Buyer’s Agent represents the Buyer and the Selling Agent represents the vendor (seller). Both require formal industry qualifications, professional indemnity insurance and licensing with the Fair Trading NSW.
The role of a Buyer’s Agent is to find, negotiate and successfully secure the property you are looking for based on the criteria you set.
If you do not have a Buyer’s Agent representing you, the seller who has total representation will usually win the deal.
11Do you have access to property before it comes on the open market?
Yes. A large number of properties are bought and sold before they are advertised. A good Buyers Agent will be given access to these properties because of their ability to build positive relationships with real estate agents.
12Does your service include the negotiating on the purchase?
Yes. The full comprehensive package in addition to finding you the best property includes negotiations or bidding at auction, then liaise with any professionals from acceptance of the offer through to completion.