We are a Buyer’s Agency. Our purpose is to help our clients buy their home or investment property as smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Searching, negotiating and buying property can be a lot of work and many people find the experience to be very stressful - especially when they might miss out on the right property, or even pay too much. At Cura Property, we love what we do - and we are very good at it. Come and talk to us to see how we can make your buying experience a happy one.


I started this business because of my personal experiences in buying and selling my own property. Whilst I have successfully bought and sold property, I also made mistakes – one I believe made me a better property investor.

I came across many real estate agents and found that their number one priority is to look after the seller. That’s right – their client is the seller, not the buyer. Having worked in the property finance and real estate industry for over 12 years, my clients would always ask me for advice about buying property. I realised there weren’t many people around who looked after the buyer.

So I took the step of leaving Mortgage Broking and assisting my clients as a Buyers Agent – I had found my niche and my passion.I believe the experience of investing in property and a home should be a memorable experience – a great experience. I have made it my mission to ensure my clients don’t make the same mistakes I did and other buyers still do today.


Julie Gray joined Cura Property having worked at one of Australia’s premier property research companies. Julie (or Jules) has a broad range of responsibilities, from assisting the team with property searches to working with our business partners.

After a long career in investment property research, I was looking for a change that suited both my interest in working in the property industry and starting a new family. I enjoy the environment at Cura Property and being able to work with different clients every day.

Julie is currently on parental leave and we are looking forward to having her back soon!